She’s back!



Well, well, well…if it isn’t you! You really want to get to know me, eh? I’d suggest you pull up a seat, grab a drink and get ready! ::dims lights and scoots closer to you::

So, why am I here? What are we doing? What are we drinking? I’m here to share my life experiences with you, explore different topics and I hope we’re drinking some whiskey (preferably Crown Royal).  When I first moved away from taco-land (ahem, San Antonio) and into the concrete jungle, many friends and family members suggested chronicling the experience of chasing the dream.  For a few months, I was consistently blogging my ups and downs of living in the greatest city in the world, New York City. But then I quickly realized, the greatest city in the world is also the most expensive city in the world so naturally, work took over.

Don’t get me wrong…work taking over my life wasn’t the worst thing!  I am extremely grateful for the work experiences I’ve had the last three years.  I had the privilege of working at the iconic Plaza Hotel (yes, THE Plaza Hotel…from Home Alone) and was incredibly honored to manage a Front Office staff at a gorgeous boutique hotel on the Upper West Side.  Both hotels provided me with more knowledge, experience and most importantly, life long friends who taught me more about myself than I knew.

Now I am BACK and ready to share my stories and adventures with you lovely people of the inter webs.  I will bring you acting advice, make-up tutorials, modeling tips, drink and meal recipes, weight loss plans, reviews of film, books, Broadway and Off-Broadway via blog and videos.  If there is anything you’d like me talk about, well…sorry about it! It’s my site and I’ll talk about what I want…kidding!  Feel free to connect (stalk) me on my social media outlets with your wonderful ideas.

So sit tight, enjoy the ride and refill that drink!

::spins and death drops::




  1. Jeff Lantz · April 10, 2015

    hi. Im from Sa. Life has had a funny way of testing my patience. Each person has had a special person come and go whether geographically or spiritually. But what happens when one of the people u love the most leaves with out a word. What then? Where’s the ‘how-to’ button? In terms of cope and answers it isn’t easy but more common than we’d like to admit. As a topic, I’d love for you to teach others what u taught to me. U did a lot. More than you know. Feel free to use this as an example but the message to be delivered that u are a most responsible for is that all things are possible. I love you, Alex.


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    • AlexxxCastro · April 10, 2015

      Oh, my poodle! You need to stop making my mascara run at every chance you get. Don’t forget, you are as strong as that rock! And, I feel that Strong Jeff has always been there somewhere, we just had to find him. You’ve had the answers all along, I just helped you discover it within you.
      I love you to the bar and back, honey! ::dances to no music::

      meAmi. ❤


  2. Salvador Briggman (@sbriggman) · April 10, 2015

    “Now I am BACK and ready to share my stories and adventures with you lovely people of the inter webs” – Looking forward to hear some of them and join you on this roller coaster ride! Welcome back to the blogging world.

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