It’s finally here!  It only took six months, but the time I look forward to each year has arrived – the month of June!  Being the polar bear that I am, I actually REALLY HATE hot weather, but everything June offers me makes me forget about the ridiculous heat that we seem quickly to forget about in the other seasons.  Yes, during the month of June I will usually be dying of dehydration, upset that my hair will fall flat, and saddened that my expensive make up melts, but June gets a free pass.  Here are a few #ReasonsILoveJune

  • TONY AWARDS!  The one thing that motivates me through working long, 10-hour, late-night shifts tending bar; what lifts me back up from getting turned down at an audition; and, what inspires me to be the best human I can ultimately be…my theatre career.  Aside from my morning coffee, there is a want I see every morning and that is to win a Tony Award.  Yes, I am a realist and know the odds of actually winning an award like that.  But hey, people win them every year, right?  And by all means, I won’t measure my success by accolades.  BUT, IT SURE AS HELL IS MOTIVATING! Hard work and dedication to your craft can take you far, even to a Tony Award.  The Tony Awards are always held the first week of June and it keeps me so inspired and motivated throughout the rest of the year.  The Tony’s almost feel like my New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait till the day I get to hold MY Tony Award and just cry uncontrollably at the podium as I try to say my speech (which I kinda have memorized now because I practice it daily in the shower).

  • NBA Finals – Soooooooo, I USUALLY enjoy this time of year much more when the Spurs are playing, but all in all, I still do love and enjoy a good basketball game.  It reminds me of this game we call Life.  You win some and you lose some.  There are shots you take and make, then there are some you miss.  Plus, Steve Kerr may have been a Chicago Bull most his career but finished his career with the San Antonio Spurs (GO SPURS GO!!!)…therefore, I have someone to cheer for in this year’s finals.  Also, RILEY CURRY FOR MVP!

  • LGBT Pride – If there is one thing I am super passionate about it’s the LGBT Community.  I mean, I’m like 99.7% sure I’m actually a gay man, who would most likely do drag, trapped inside a straight woman’s body. So, that MIGHT be why I’m so passionate about it. But, in all seriousness, growing up I never associated anything negative with an individual who is gay.  Even at a young age, I remember thinking, “A human being loving another human being and they happen to be the same sex? No big deal! How can we say their love is wrong?”  Little did I know, not everyone had that same way of thinking.  I am a proud straight ally to the gay community with many gay friends and a couple family members and nothing makes me happier than having the opportunity to celebrate them with the world.

  • Birthday Time! – Many of my favorite celebrities have birthdays in the month of June.  Neil Patrick Harris, his husband David Burtka, the Iconic Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, John F. Kennedy, Les Paul, Prince, Bill Hader and my favorite June Baby – Paul McCartney.  They ALL have the privilege of sharing the month with the one, the only – ME!  Honestly, I actually get so excited for the other reasons I love June and usually forget my birthday!  Even though I’m not really a gift person or ‘party on my birthday’ type person, it’s exciting to know I got through another year of life.  This year has absolutely been one of the best, by far, and it almost feels like just the beginning.  I’m so thankful for all the work experiences, artistic endeavors, new friendships, travels, failures and mishaps thus far.  They’ve prepared me for everything that, I feel, is about to happen in my life.  Year 26 will be my best. Year. YET!

  • Father’s Day – Last but certainly not least, Father’s Day.  What most people don’t know about me is that growing up, Little Alex was a huge Daddy’s Girl.  Little Alex never left Daddy’s side, went on all road trips with Daddy, slid underneath cars he was working on just to be near him, and jumped for joy every day she saw his Black Chevy Z-71 pick her up from elementary school.  What most people DO know or can relate to is that divorces are hard on everyone; parents, children, friends of the family.  Teenage Alex to Adult Alex missed out on a large number of Father’s Days due to personal reasons, but not this year.  Or, any future year Father’s Day to come.  So, the fact that Father’s Day is in June, with all my other reasons, is what I love most about June.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  I’m sure you’ll appreciate the comic below! 😉

I also would like to dedicate this blog to my dear friend Mitchell Ward Weaver and his father, Dan Weaver.  His daddy is saying “Happy Happy” to him today and everyday! 

Happy June, everyone! 


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