Alex’s Bucket List Day

WAIT!!! BEFORE YOU READ- if you’re reading on a computer, scroll to the bottom of the post to the video, push play, then come back up here. If you’re viewing from a phone, tablet, crazy watch or other device I’ve never heard of…THE TRICK DOESN’T WORK! So learn the melody to The Beatles song “In My Life” and begin humming while you read.  Yes, you have to do this…I will know if you didn’t.

::Your music (or humming) begins::

There will be some days in your life that you can say were PERFECT! The day your child was born, the day you proposed to someone (or were proposed to), graduation, getting that dream job or maybe just an unforgettable afternoon with your loved ones.  Well, this day was a PERFECT day for me. I had dreamed of doing these two things since I could remember and even made a bucket list as a child.  Seriously, you can ask my mother!  To this day, I still enjoy going to both these landmarks (despite all the annoying tourists).  Originally published December 10th, 2012.  Edited by JT Silva. 

There have always been two things that I HAD to do before I die.  These two things have been on my “bucket list” for as long as I can remember.  There was even a time in middle school I begged my mother to send me on a plane so I could knock these wishes out. You know, because airfare is SO cheap and it’s perfectly okay for a teenager to go to a big city alone.  Well, I can finally say I did it!  I attended the memorial for John Lennon on the 32nd anniversary of his death and I looked at Manhattan’s skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

As I child, I never really understood what it was I loved so much about John Lennon.  From age 5, he’s been my favorite Beatle.  Then, as an adult, I finally understood what it was. It was his philosophy and artistic vision toward life.  All the beauty and poetry about life and love in the songs John wrote made me fall in love with him.  And, whether you’re a Beatles fan or not, it can be said that John Lennon was a beautiful human being with a simple message: peace, love and happiness.

Walking into the memorial at Strawberry Fields, I heard, “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make” from The End being sung by the crowd. Coincidentally, this my favorite Beatles lyric (a tattoo coming soon!). To me, that alone made me feel like I belonged there in that moment in time.  A few songs later, the musicians began playing “Hey Jude.”  Looking around watching people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds join together to sing along with this iconic song, made my heart smile (maybe I shed a tear, or maybe the pollen was high that day…we’ll never know).

As “Ticket to Ride” was finishing, my friend and I agreed to hear one more song and then grab dinner.  The musicians didn’t play anything for a good minute or two, so I assumed they were done and felt a little saddened by the fact I didn’t hear one of my all time favorites – In My Life.  We started making our way toward the exit and, all of a sudden, the band started again with… “In My Life.”

After Strawberry Fields, my friend and I visited the Dakota, then had dinner at Grimaldi’s and finally wandered over to a park under the Brooklyn Bridge with a stunning, beautiful view of Manhattan.  Looking over at the Manhattan skyline from the bridge is where it came to me that this is my life.  I’m looking at the city of dreams while chasing mine. I’m no longer dreaming to live here, looking at photos of what was in front of me.  That moment was overwhelming, yet felt so good inside.  The experience of that day was just too perfect on every level.

If you have a bucket list, don’t be afraid to knock one or two out because if not now, then when?  There is nothing like making your heart a little happy from time to time. In the wise words of Helen Keller, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but must be felt with the heart.”


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