It’s Faster to Connecticut

Living that Subway Jail life...   Photo by Rubin Salinas

Living that Subway Jail life…
Photo by Rubin Salinas

Now that I’ve lived in New York City for a while and I feel I’m pretty good at the subway system, it’s so funny to remember back to this experience.  That evening was terribly cold, all we wanted was to get to the Barclay’s area in Brooklyn but it was just NOT happening for us.  Ah, good times.  Edited by JT Silva.

Day Five – December 2, 2012

Question: How do you turn a supposed 10-minute subway trip into 2 hours?  Answer: Take the subways on a Sunday with limited service and not read when the subway signs say, “Express” and “Local”.

It first started with me taking the subway in the wrong direction for about 5 stops.  Getting to my friend an hour longer than expected. Then, lead to my friend and I trying to get three stops over but not realizing we were on a WEEKEND schedule and ended up about 8 stops away, IN MANHATTAN, when we were trying to go to Brooklyn. We had to have hopped on and off at LEAST 4 times, taking 3 wrong subways. BUT, all in all, we made it to our destination that was 15 minutes away, two hours later.

You’re probably thinking we were super tired and frustrated by the end of hour one, but truthfully, it was rather fun.  Getting lost has to be one of the most invigorating experiences.  It’s exciting not knowing what the next stop will bring you, who you will encounter throughout the journey, and what unseen sights will be seen. You’d be surprised at the discoveries you find within yourself. What I actually discovered about myself is that I do not like to look lost.  I fear someone can use that to his or her advantage.  That “confused” look can just scream that you’re vulnerable.  Instead, I tend to continue on as if I actually meant to take the subway 10 stops in the wrong direction.

Of course, that being said, I do not recommend driving into the woods at night alone and wandering off only to get eaten by wildlife!  Give yourself a chance to explore the surroundings you’re in.  Even if that surrounding is your own city.

If there is anything I could leave you with from my adventures today, it is to travel often and get LOST.  As safely and smart as you can, of course.  In the past few years, I feel like I found a part of myself while wandering alone in Paris and New York.  Getting lost will help you find yourself.

::Now read in your Meredith Grey or Carrie Bradshaw voice::  And sometimes, you have to find yourself before you start looking for someone else.



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